Welcome to the European Dog Show in Poland!

Warszawa-Nadarzyn   -   PTAK WARSAW EXPO   -   11-14.10.2018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Polish Kennel Club, association which is celebrating its 80th anniversary of foundation, we have a great honour and pleasure to invite you to the European Dog Show in Poland, on 11-14 October 2018. In non-distant past, in the year of 2000, European Dog Show was held in Poznań, gathering over nine thousand dogs from all over the Europe. As a consequence, six years later, in 2006, Poznań organised World Dog Show where more than twenty one thousand dogs from all over the world were presented. Both of these prestigious shows were very successful and remain in hearts of breeders and exhibitors until today.

We wish all the exhibitors, breeders and dog lovers plenty of positive emotions, success, new experiences as well as new friendships in Poland.

Heartily welcome!

Committee of the Euro Dog Show - Poland 2018

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